Ashford church services

Sunday 30 April:                      Easter 3:  10.00am  Benefice Service at Sheldon
                                                                No service in Ashford

Thursday 04 May:                    10.30am  Holy Communion

Sunday 07 May:                       Easter 4:  9.45am  All-Age Worship

Thursday 11 May:                    10.30am  Holy Communion

Sunday 14 May:                       Easter 5:  9.45am  Sung Eucharist

Thursday 18 May:                    10.30am  Holy Communion

Sunday 21 May:                       Easter 6:  Rogation   9.45am  Sung Eucharist followed by walk and lunch

Thursday 25 May:                    7.00pm  Ascension Day  Sung Eucharist 

Sunday 28 May:                       Easter 7:  9.45am  SungEucharist

Thursday 01 Jun:                     10.30am  Holy Communion

Sunday 04 Jun:                         Pentecost:  9.45am  All-Age Eucharist

Thursday 08 Jun:                     10.30am  Holy Communion                                                                       

Sunday 11 Jun:                        Trinity Sunday:  9.45am  Patronal Sung Eucharist 
                                                                           3.00pm  Well Blessing Service followed by procession to bless the wells
Thursday 15 Jun:                     10.30am  Holy Communion
Sunday 18 Jun:                        Trinity 1:  9.45am  Sung Eucharist
                                                                 5.30pm  Celebratory service to close the Flower Festival 

Thursday 22 Jun:                     10.30am  Holy Communion

Sunday 25 Jun:                        Trinity 2:  9.45am  Sung Eucharist

Thursday 29 Jun:                     10.30am  Holy Communion

Sunday 02 Jul:                        Trinity 3:  9.45am  All-Age Worship